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What is an Alpine Start?

Alpine start is a term borrowed from alpine mountaineering. It refers to the tactic used by mountaineers in multi-day climbs to begin climbing in the very early morning hours on the day the climbers plan to summit. A common alpine start begins well before sunrise and the intent is to maximize the chance of summiting on schedule while minimizing risks such as ice and rock fall, or storms that may develop later in the day.

This term symbolizes our belief that the design and construction of a high performance building requires the entire team to integrate sustainable design strategies early in design to maximize the project’s sustainability and minimize the risk of cost overruns later.


We provide high quality green building consulting to Owners, Contractors and Architects across a variety of rating systems.


Commercial Building Certification
Residential Home Certification
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Joanna Jenkins

Joanna Jenkins


Owner | Sustainable Design Specialist

About Joanna

Planning + Expertise = High Performance Building.

As a Sustainable Design Specialist,  Joanna Jenkins draws from an extensive understanding of both green building strategies and certification schemes. She works to ensure the highest level of green building certification can be achieved within each project’s scope, schedule, and budget. Having practiced sustainable design consulting for nearly two decades, she has also mentored and trained architects and clients in sustainable design concepts and is continually encouraging exploration in this area. Accreditations in LEED, BREEAM, and Estidama give Joanna an international perspective on sustainable designs strategies. In 2010, she became the first U.S. citizen accredited as a BREEAM AP.